Here you can find latest Nagaland State Lottery draw results. Nagaland State Lottery Result Today 1PM, 6PM and 8PM will be published on the official website of Nagaland State Lottery Department. The Nagaland State Lottery approved by the Government of Nagaland is an offline lottery competition conducted by the Nagaland State Lottery.

These lottery prizes give you a great opportunity to become a millionaire in just one night. All you have to do is buy a Nagaland State Lottery ticket and if your luck is on your side you will have a chance to win a big prize money.

If you have also purchased a lottery ticket for the Nagaland Lottery and want to check your lottery number on the winning list instead of the destination you have reached. We will provide all the results of Nagaland Lottery without any delay. You can view Nagaland Lottery results on this portal and download your results in PDF format.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad is one of the largest lotteries in India. It is currently played in 13 states of India. Many people try their luck at lottery Sambad lotteries. Like lottery news, many more lotteries are played in India but lottery sambad is the most famous. According to a 2015 decision by the Supreme Court of India, individual states can decide whether to allow their people to play the lottery, thus giving states the right to lottery law in their respective jurisdictions. Get control

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Nagaland State lottery Result

Nagaland State Lottery live draw timings

Daily Nagaland Lottery results are published 3 times at 1pm, 6pm and 8pm and these live results are posted here on this website and here we also show you the photo version.

All Lottery Result Nagaland Lottery

The live results of our website here you will see the results of all lotteries like Kerala Lottery, West Bengal State Lottery, Rajshree Lottery, Sikkim State Lottery, Mizoram State Lottery, Bhutan Lottery and many weekly lottery results.

Rewards that run out of innumerable prizes in each attraction while unique occasions like Diwali, New Year and many more that not only increase the income of the decorations but you will find other outstanding attractions allowed Kolkata people want to enjoy their days. A different attraction of the Nagaland Condition Lottery might be the Impact 6 p.m.

Nagaland State Lottery News Winners List

Nagaland State Lottery the winner Result will be updated on our webpage and Stay tuned for Nagaland State Lottery the winner Draw and Lottery News Winner Ticket Number Result dated 17.05.2022. nagaland state lottery 1 pm, nagaland state lottery 6 pm and nagaland state lottery result 8 pm Visit our website daily to visit. Also if you want to watch nagaland state lottery sambad live through video then go to The result of the Nagaland State Lottery the winner today will be draw number, 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, 4th prize, 5th prize. See the results of the Nagaland State Lottery News winners here today.

Nagaland State Lottery Prize List

The Nagaland State Lottery is played three times a day. If you have purchased Nagaland State Lottery tickets, we congratulate you. The first winner of Nagaland State Lottery will get Rs 1 crore. Here you can see a detailed list of Nagaland State Lottery News winners.

1st Prize For Winner Rs- 1 Crore
Cons. Prize For Winner Rs- 1000/-
2nd Prize For Winner Rs- 9000/-
3rd Prize For Winner Rs- 450/-
4th Prize For Winner Rs- 250/-
5th Prize For Winner Rs- 120/-

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Today

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Nagaland State Lottery Morning Result Today

Daily Nagaland State Lottery 1:00 PM View today’s results. Nagaland State Lottery Results has been updated at the top of this page here today and you can download Nagaland State Lottery Results. The results of the Nagaland State Lottery can be viewed at the links provided here. Nagaland State Lottery results are updated daily at 1PM, 6PM and 8PM here. There are three game of Nagaland State Lotteries every day and the results are updated here on this page. You can bookmark our site to see the results of Nagaland State Lottery.

You can also view the results of the Nagaland State Lottery from here – Nagaland State Lottery 1pm

Nagaland State Lottery Result Evening Today

See the daily Nagaland State Lottery 6PM results here. As you know Nagaland State Lottery is held three times a day. So you can view daily Nagaland State Lottery results here with us from this page. Nagaland State Lottery Results Today 6PM. Stay tuned to see Nagaland Lottery results online every day. We do our best to provide you with the results of the Nagaland State Lottery as soon as the ballot is cast. Stay tuned to see the Nagaland State Lottery results at 1PM and 8PM. Subscribe to our webpage to see the results of daily Dhan Keshari Lottery online. Visit our site for more information on Nagaland State Lottery.

Stay with us every day at 6PM to see and download Nagaland State Lottery results. Nagaland Lottery results will be updated at the bottom of this page here. Stay tuned to get daily Nagaland State Lottery results download. Nagaland Lottery results will be updated soon. Stay tuned at 6PM for more information on Nagaland Lottery results. Visit our site daily to check Nagaland State Lottery Results 6PM.

You can also view the results of the Nagaland State Lottery from here – Nagaland State Lottery 6pm

Nagaland State Lottery 8pm Night Result Today

On the Daily basis nagaland state lottery result today 8 pm Result announced. Those who have Nagaland lottery tickets can get results on this page. Stay tuned to see and download the latest results of Nagaland State Day from this page. The Nagaland Lottery is one of the most famous lotteries in India. You have to try your luck once in your life. See the results of the daily nagaland state lottery night result here from this page. Nagaland Lottery results will be updated from this page here. Stay tuned if you need more information about Nagaland Lottery.

We will update you with the results of nagaland state lottery today result 8 pm as soon as possible. Subscribe to our site to see daily Nagaland State Lottery results. Keep checking the results of daily lottery news from this page here. We’ll also update you with lottery results. You can see the results of today’s lottery news as well as yesterday’s lottery sambad with us. Here you can also check old results of Lottery sambad.

Nagaland State Lottery Results Yesterday

The Nagaland Lottery results are updated during the draw but we are also giving you the Nagaland Lottery results yesterday. You can find lottery result nagaland state lottery yesterday if you miss yesterday’s results. Yesterday Nagaland Lottery results can also be downloaded in PDF file so you can save it. The results of the Nagaland Lottery were updated on our website yesterday for the full 3 draws of the day which are fully working to help the people of India. You can save the name of our website so that you do not get confused because there are many websites that are working for their own purposes.

Nagaland Lottery Old Results

Nagaland Lottery results are available day by day and you can also get old results of Nagaland Lottery. You can also download old Nagaland Lottery results in PDF format. Nagaland Lottery results are updated very late on the site so we are providing you a platform where you can get old Nagaland lottery results. Old Nagaland Lottery results are very hard to find but we save the results in such a way that everyone finds old Nagaland Lottery results. Just click the link above and find your results.

Nagaland Lottery Importance

The Nagaland lottery is so important to the Indian people. They live from hand to mouth and live in poverty. The Nagaland Lottery provides them a platform where they can dream of getting something big and becoming a rich person. Because people in India are living a down to earth life, they take this kind of lottery so that they can become rich one day. There are many people who get rich by changing their fortunes through lottery and there are many people who only dream for it.

The Government of India has taken a great step towards this lottery system. Through this system there is a huge support for those who are below the poverty line. They may have a chance to become millionaires. I would recommend to people who are part of the survival to buy lottery tickets to test their luck.

The Nagaland lottery ticket is available to anyone and it is so cheap that everyone can buy it easily so millions of people supply their tickets in daily draw and many of them are the winners. The Nagaland Lottery gives them a chance to make their dreams come true because there are people who live below the poverty line and have no basic necessities of life like clean water and toilets.

In fact, lottery business in India is growing day by day. Many states in India control the lottery business. Everyone tries their best to play the lottery or try their luck because it is a good chance to get rich. So I would also recommend you to try your luck at least once in your life. Because it can lead to better and more fruitful results for you. It could prove to be a turning point in your life.. One day you can become a millionaire. The most special thing is that lottery ticket prices are very cheap.

It is not a scam that you can check out the live videos promoted for the draw results. There is no chance of scandal in its crystal clear lottery system. Be confident and try once in your life.

In fact in such a life, the Nagaland lottery is giving a sigh of relief to the Indian people and many people have changed their lives because of this lottery. We hope you find a way to help us with your kind feedback and tell us how you want us to work for you and make it better for you. Thanks for staying with us and please come back again to get the latest Nagaland lottery results. You can also see all the saffron results here on the Lottery News Results web. Today 16.5.2022 See the results here on this page.

Nagaland Lottery Lucky Numbers

We are going to launch a system of Nagaland Lottery Lucky Number based on previous lottery results. This system will show you the lucky numbers that have repeatedly appeared in the results. So you may have an idea about the lucky number. So stay tuned to see all the lucky numbers of Nagaland on this platform. The lucky numbers will be updated on a daily basis as the results appear. So you may have an idea but lucky number of rice.

Nagaland State Lottery Contact Number

The Director
Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries
P.R.Hill Junction, Nagaland: Kohima – 797001
Ph: 0370-2229982