Karunya Lottery Result Download Right Now 2022

Karunya Lottery Result

The result of the Karunya lottery is published every day at 3pm and is available online. You can check the lottery results on our site before you go to another website. You can download the results from our website before publishing by other sites. We also provide the results in the PDF format to help you print your tickets and keep it secure. Furthermore, we are always updating our website with the latest results, so you don’t have to wait for any day to see if you have won a big prize.

Kerala Lottery Today Result

Officials rewarded the prize money of the Rs. 75,00,000 maximum. All the candidates who get their names on lottery results will get money. Lottery is legal and thousands of people participate in this lottery game every day. 10% prize money goes to lottery agents who distributed lottery chits. Through the article, you will see detailed information about Kerala lottery, such as the result, prize money, live Kerala Stree SAS -315 Lottery Results, and the process of checking other things. Aspirants should visit the daily portal to get the latest results.

About karunya lottery

The Kerala State Lottery Department publishes 7 different lottery every day of the week. Officials published another lottery called Bhagyamithra which was published on the first Sunday of every month of the year. Through this lottery, many people receive financial support. Lottery rewards are not so much. Related authorities reveal a lottery once a year. The meaning of this lottery award is very high and because the Kerala lottery is only managed once a year. The lottery has 7 to 8 awards.


How to check karunya Kerala lottery result kr 551 today

Applicants who want to check the karunya lottery result , but do not know that it will have to see here. The easiest way is here we mentioned the process. The following karunya lottery result 26 are the stages of downloading:

  1. First of all, visit the official portal of the Directorate of kerala state lotteries i.e., http://www.keralalotteries.com/
  2. And the home page of the portal will appear on the screen in a few seconds.
  3. Now, you have to live through the page and find the option of lottery results.
  4. After finding the option, click on it.
  5. Within a few seconds, a new page will open on the device.
  6. There you have to click on the option to see in front of the lottery name.
  7. Within some, lottery results will open in front of you in PDF format.
  8. See your name and download it for future reference.

Kerala karunya lottery today Result kr551

Are you searching for Kerala State “karunya lottery result kr551″ daily lottery results 2022? So you are on the right webpage. The result of “karunya kr lottery result” daily Lottery 2022 in Kerala state has been specially published on this webpage.

On this website, you can see the results of almost all India lottery. We update the results of the “kerala lottery today result” lottery in the State of Kerala. You can find the results of the Kerala State “Karunya KR 551” lottery 2022 results here. Kerala State “Karunia KR 551” lottery drawing list, Kerala State “Karunia KR 551” lottery somnad 3PM drawing list, Kerala State Draw List, Kerala State “karunya lottery result KR 551” Lottery Sambad results 2022 live result. The results of the Kerala State Tear lottery are 2022 and the “Karunia KR 551” lottery is above the lottery. You can just check it or download it in the PDF format.

Lottery sambad result today kerala Karunya Lottery KR 551

Kerala Karunya KR 551 Lottery Results, Dear Lottery Sambad winning list / first prize winning name cost and Kerala Karunya KR 551 Lottery Results every day from 3 pm and official Kerala State Lottery Sambad Results PDF available on its official website after 4 pm Is. On this page, we are updating Live Kerala State Lottery Karunya KR 551 results 28.5.2022. Therefore, the ticket holder is requested to keep looking at this page for today’s Kerala State Lottery Results Dear Karunya KR 551 Lottery Result. In addition, Kerala State Lottery Results check the winning list today.

Kerala State Lottery Sambad karunya lottery result online/live results are out 28.5.2022 today. Kerala state Karunya KR 551 Lottery Sambad Live Results today see below 28.5.2022 below. All the upcoming Kerala State Lottery Sambad results will be updated here. If you want to check the Kerala State Karunya KR 551 Lottery Sambad online, go to Kerala State Karunya KR 551 Lottery Sambad official website or see Kerala State Karunya KR 551 Lottery Sambad results.

Karunya lottery Live result winning ticket number

Kerala State Karunya KR 551 Lottery Sambad Results 28.5.2022 Live on 3 pm Winning Ticket Number, List, PDF, Video: Kerala State karunya lottery result Lottery Sambad Down List. We have updated the link to Kerala Karunya KR 551 Lottery Sambad Drew Results List, PDF Live, Video, and Kerala State karunya lottery result Lottery Sambad 28.5.2020 Jackpot winning ticket number list links.

Karunya Lottery Result

Kerala State Lottery Weekly Draw Name

The Kerala State Lottery Department releases new lottery results “karunya lottery result” every day. The Kerala State Lottery Department releases 6 lottery results every week. You can get a list of whose names in the table below.

Kerala State Lottery Weekly Draw Name

Monday Win-Win
Tuesday Sthree Sakthi
Wednesday Akshaya
Thursday Karunya Plus Lottery
Friday Nirmal
Saturday Karunya


The process of claiming Kerala Karunya Lottery Award today

If you bought the ticket of Kerala State karunya lottery result Lottery Sambad and win the lottery? But if you are unaware of the claim process? Then you are on the right webpage. Here is the detailed information below to claim Kerala State karunya lottery result. Every day Kerala State Lottery Department publishes results on the official website (www.keralalotteries.com) at 3:00 pm karunya lottery result. Award winners need to follow the claim rules of the Kerala State Lottery Department. If the prize winner’s amount is above 1 lakh, they need to present a self-defense copy of the PAN card.

Kerala Lottery Agents

The lottery department has a wide distribution network with over 35,000 agents and 100,000 retailers. The guidelines for starting an agency or becoming an agent are very simple and that too without any investment. This has helped many unskilled personnel find daily income for their family.

Any Indian who is above 18 years can become the Kerala State Lottery Agent. A person who applies with the required fee (Rs.200/-) and two passport size photos with the required fee (Rs.200/-) and two passport size photos in the Directorate and District Lottery offices, an agent can become an agent . This initial registration calendar is valid for the year. Later the agent can renew his/his agency, just for a fee of rupees. 50 per year. The casual agency is issued to the district lottery offices on sending Rs.50/-For fee for a special lottery. Currently, agencies are issued only from district lottery offices. (Agency Form – Download)

Kerala State Lottery is a lottery program launched by the Government of Kerala. In the year 1967, all privately regulated lottery was banned and a new government lottery department Was established by. P.K. Kunju Sahib (Finance Minister of Kerala at that time).

The purpose of starting a lottery program was to provide employment to the people and complement government finance. This model became popular and other states in India were also inspired by this model and started their lottery.


1. What is lottery?

Ans. “Lottery” means a plan, whatever is said in form and whatever is called by name, for the distribution of awards or those who participate in the possibility of awards by purchasing tickets;

2. What is paper lottery?

Ans. In addition to the line lottery, a paper lottery organized according to the lottery (regulation) Act 1998

3. What is online lottery?

Ans. Online lottery means that information about a system made to allow players to buy lottery tickets generated by computer or online machine on lottery terminal where information about the choice of players of ticket sales and any number or numbers of numbers Together is registered with a computer. Server.

4. Online lottery is allowed in the state of Kerala.

Ans. G.O. (P) Number 4/2005/TD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, as per 13 January 2005, online lottery conduct was banned in Kerala.

5. Is it allowed to trade Kerala lottery through internet or any other means

Ans. The No.No agent will conduct the sale of tickets through the Internet or through any other means, in which the director will have prior permission and only the sale of physical tickets is allowed.

6. What is the process to check the Kerala lottery is fake or not?

Ans: Kerala Lottery Barcode Scanner: The Kerala government issues lottery tickets with QR code that will help you confirm its authenticity. The ticket number typically includes a 2 character in which the chain code and the numerical number of six digits are known.

7. Kerala lottery tickets are available online?

Ans. According to the rule only physical tickets are allowed to be sold.

8. Where can I check Daily Latest Kerala Lottery Result Chart Today?

Ans. Visit the official website of Keralalotteries.com, the director of Kerala State Lottery. Now, go to the link result on the link on the homepage. Select the link result from the drop down list. You will see a list of the latest Kerala lottery draw results.

9. Is sales allowed using a website and portal?

Ans. No, no agent will sell lottery through internet or through social media.

10. Can Kerala lottery be sold outside the state?

Ans. No, no agent will sell Kerala State Lottery tickets directly or indirectly outside the state.

11. Can Kerala lottery be sold above the marked price?

Ans. No, no ticket will be sold above the inscribed price under any circumstances.

12. Can Kerala lottery be clubbed with someone’s plan, product or goods to promote its plan, goods and products?

Ans. No.

13. Is the conduct of 2-odd, 3 digits and 4-point lottery based on Kerala lottery draw results in Kerala?

Ans. Any person works as an agent or promoter or businessman in any lottery organized, organized or promoted in violation of the provision of the Central Lottery (Regulation) Act 1998 or sells, distributes such lottery tickets, Or buys, it will be. A word punishable with rigorous imprisonment that can occur for two years or with fine or both.

14. What is a specially appointed authority by the government for regulation of lottery sales in Kerala?

Ans. Secretary to the government, tax department.

15. This is mandatory for the agent to paste the seal on the reverse of the ticket.

Ans. Yes. Each agent will paste its seal on the opposite of each ticket with a details of the name and agency number.

16. It is mandatory for agents that all details of sub -agents, retailers and vendors demanded

Ans. Yes.

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