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Dear Lottery Sambad Today Result 1 PM 6 PM 8 PM

Are you looking for live results at 26.05.2022 today in Dear Lottery Sambad? If yes, you’re on the right web page. The results of Sikkim State Lottery Result, Nagaland State Lottery, 1 PM, 6 PM & 8 PM results and West Bengal State Dear Lottery Sambad 26.05.2022 have been published exclusively on this website. On this page, you can check the results of all sambad Dear lottery for 2021 in the post below, I have updated Sikkim State Lottery results 01 PM, Nagaland State Lottery Sambad 06 PM and West Bengal State Lottery Sambad 08 PM.

Indian man won the millionaire raffle for the second time

Who says the thunderstorm can’t hurt twice in the same place? Shri Sunil is not Sridharan, who has won 1 million prize for the second Millennium Millionaire Rafale offer. The famous competition attracted its latest winners at the International Exit Lounge at Dubai Airport on May 7 and took Sridahran’s win tickets, No. 5, and took the top award!

Lucky 55-year-old took the top prize of $ 1 million in the MM 310 in September 2019 before winning the luxurious Range Rover in 1746 in February 2020. Top lottery sambad prize multiple times. He has been the 5th Indian national winner of the top million dollar award since the establishment of Millennium Millionaire in the 5th.

Sridharan said of his win, “Dubai Duty Free Thanks for the second time you win $ 1 million. I am encouraging everyone to take part in this amazing propaganda and be patient. I certainly proof of this! ”

Originally, a resident of Kerala, Srinharan has been playing duty -free campaign for almost twenty years before his fate. Sridharan, a estimating director of Abu Dhabi Company, now operates his online retail business. His award means that the total will be equivalent to about 7.7 crore rupees.


Lottery involves a game of opportunity. It usually has two or more groups of competitive. These teams keep their partner and the winner accepts it all. The lottery took many years ago when it took different forms. Since then, it has felt a number of changes from traditional to physical gambling to online gambling.

In India it is a Vedic period. In this age, gamblers used to bet for valuable items like houses, land, slaves or precious metals. At that time, those who participated in the lottery had high hopes to win the game. Because of this, they can ridiculously keep a higher partner that leads to economic plight. Lottery was addicted and there are many private companies that provide lottery services.

Other forms of lottery were introduced in India. They were involved in the competition of animals and birds, where they could fight or ran. The gamblers can bet on a particular animal and when it wins, their partner has given them profit. Animals involved were included in the dogs, which could compete, horses for racing and cocks for fighting.

In 66767, the Kerala government made a difference in how the lottery was made. It has created a national lottery banning all private lottery. Everyone in the legal age can participate in this lottery. Its citizens created a schedule to follow Kerala, to confirm that it was not addicted to the game. Other Indian governments started accepting this idea and today they run the national lottery competition.

Today, India’s gamblers do not have to participate in the lottery venue. Instead, they can do it with ease of their home. Modern lottery has become digitized, and the participation is quite open. A gambler must only pay and compete to enter online. There are plenty of games available online and people like them the most.

Lotters are regularly developed, as many features are introduced regularly.

Lottery Play Rules in India

Each ruling organization has the rules that should be followed. Similarly in lottery, specific rules should be followed when participating in lottery in India. These rules bring control of spending at the addiction level among other aspects. The following rules control the lottery in India.

They should be 18 years or more. This caping allows children to concentrate on their studies and nature in their talents. It implies that only those who are earning income are allowed in the industry.

Live in the authorized region
Not all states in India allow lottery. Therefore, before getting involved in gambling, make sure you are in a state that allows it. Some states have banned lotteries, and will break the law while participating in them. It can attract charges for crime as described by separate states.

Fair competition
Lottery companies are obliged to give participants a fair competition. They cannot be expected to choose the winners of their choice. Instead, the winning earned points should be announced. They can also use the help of a machine because it is not biased if the number of luck is involved in the lottery.

Awards winning by participants are not exchanged by any opportunity by any opportunity. If the reward is in cash, the winners cannot transact them with the same quality products. This move protects from the absorption of gamblers by lottery companies.

Lottery rules are essential in India in the sector. They protect both service suppliers and participants from direct and indirect risks.


In India, the lottery game is taken seriously. It’s not only fun, but also thrilling you overnight, as well as the possibility of making it rich overnight. Most people refrain from playing lottery, because they don’t believe in their fate. But it’s not all about luck. How many previous winners have shared the numbers you choose. Kerala is a state of India where lottery is played in almost every family.

Kerala Lottery is the first Indian state to start. The Kerala government established the Kerala State Lottery in 1967 to fulfill the occupation and government money without disturbing the people.

Lottery Sambad Dear Morning Result 01:00 PM

Are you looking for dear lottery sambad morning result 1PM? Then you are on the right website. Below you can check the results of the dear morning lottery result. This Sikkim State Lottery Dear Morning Lottery Sambad result is usually used to announce the results of 1 pm, the favorite morning results are live streaming on YouTube every day from 01am. Later, the Official Dear Morning Result PDF will be available on their official website 01:15 pm.

For the benefit of all of you, we have updated dear lottery live results in JPG and PNG format. So you are requested to visit this page until 1: 15 o’clock for the results of today’s Nagaland State Lottery. And you can also download the official PDF file link given below.

The results of the Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery from today will be found directly below after the draw at 1:00 pm. You can also see the results of the last six months, find information about how the drawing works and you can see the rewards you can win.

Lottery Sambad Dear Evening Result 06 PM

Are you looking for a dear lottery result today 6pm? Below you can find the result of dear lottery result today. Today Dear Lottery Sambad result announce evening at 6 pm. The results of the dear evening are live streaming from 6 pm every day. Next, the official Lottery Sambad evening Result PDF will be available on their official webpage. In the interest of the candidates, we update Live results in JPG and PDF file format. So people are being requested to visit this page by 06 evening for the favorite lottery live result. And be sure to check the official PDF download link below

These are the last Nagaland Dear Day lottery result, posting at 6pm every day. To know more about yesterday’s results and to know more about each daily draw, please scroll down.

Nagaland Dear Day Lottery is every day of the week. Each daily draw contains a separate name related to a heavenly object but otherwise the same

Lottery Sambad Dear Night Result 8 PM

Are you seeing for dear lottery result today 8 pm? If yes, you are on the right website page. Below you can find the dear lottery sambad night result. Lottery Sambad night results are live streaming from 08:00 pm to every day. Next, the official favorite night lottery result PDF will be available on their official website. In the interest of the candidates, we update live results in JPG and PDF formats. So people are requested to visit this page for the results of the Dear Lottery Sambad Today Nagaland Lottery. And be sure to check the official PDF file download link below.

On this page you will get the result of the west bengal dear lottery for today as you draw at 8pm. You can find out more about the game and see the six months old results.

Every night the week draws a favorite evening lottery, so you can win the first prize of RS. 1 crore per night at 8 pm. The draws are played exactly the same way; The only difference between them is their name. You can find the name of each draw and the day they take on the table below you can find:

There are 7 million tickets in each draw. Each starts with a two-digit number from 30 to 99, then a series from one A to L and then a number between 00000 and 99999 matches all eight digits on your ticket.

Kerala Lottery Result Today Guessing Number

Kerala Lottery Sambad is popular and famous in India. The Kerala lottery has been controlled by the Kerala government for 52 years. This lottery system was introduced to eradicate poverty as well as to fight unemployment. Introducing this lottery system, the Kerala government dramatically achieved economic stability. Funds were raised by the government and those who won the lottery on a daily basis were of great support. The results of the Kerala lottery were announced by officials at 4.30 pm on a daily basis. The lottery schedule has been updated below.

Sikkim State Lottery Result

The results of Sikkim lottery are today. Click the link above to download and view the Sikkim lottery result online. Sikkim today is the lottery result PDF Download online. The results of Sikkim lottery have also been updated on this site.

Nagaland State Lottery Result Today

Today is the result of the Nagaland lottery. Click the link above to download the Nagaland State Lottery results online. Nagaland today lottery results PDF file download online. You can check the Nagaland State Lottery in the morning 2022 in the morning. Stay connected to us to check the results of the daily Nagaland State Lottery. Check all the results of all sambad lottery here.

West Bengal State Lottery

Today West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Results 6PM online here. The result of the lottery draw today will be updated on this page as well as the West Bengal Old. Stay tuned to us to check and download the result of the West Bengal lottery draw online. West Bengal Lottery is one of the world’s most popular lottery. Go to our site to check the results of the West Bengal lottery draw of the day. We update you with the new bumper awards here.

Mizoram State Lottery Result Today

Today is the result of Mizoram lottery. Click on the link above to download the result of the Mizoram lottery online. Mizoram today is the lottery result PDF file online. PDF File Lottery Sambad get the result today. Sambad Lottery today results, click on the tab given in the menu bar to download the old results in addition to the results yesterday. The results of the Mizoram lottery will be updated here according to the schedule. Has been updated.

Lottery Sambad Result

Lottery Sambad has updated all the results here on this page today. All results have been updated here on this single page for today. All of you can check the lottery sambad results online. You can test old results, bumper results, daily results and lottery sambad news. Has been updated.

Dear Lottery Result Today

Check the result of the Dear lottery here today from this page. Dear Lottery Result Today are updated here on this page on a daily basis. You know that the result of the favorite lottery is held three times a day. You can check all the results every day from this page. Dear Lottery Sambad is one of the most famous and popular lottery in the country.

Dear Lottery morning result 1 PM, Dear Lottery result are 6 PM and Dear Lottery is just 8 PM from this page Update Here. Contact to check the results of your lottery sambad of the day. The results of the beloved lottery have been fairly held today under state rules and regulations. Lottery Play approved in some countries and most countries prohibit it. India is one of those countries that are at the top of the lottery business in lottery and its various statistics.

The Indian states have the lottery business’s own and controls it. Dear Lottery Sambad results have been updated here on this page. You check the lottery sambad results every day from this page. Continue to check the lottery sambad results of the day. Subscribe to our web page for more information. Here you can check all the results according to the updated schedule below. Click on the desired link below to check your lottery sambad results of the day.

Full details of dear lottery : The dear lottery is the top game in the India lottery industry, including more than $ 2 billion turnover. Dear Lottery has created a huge network of lottery dealers, stocks and agents across various lottery preings states in India, wherever lottery sales are allowed. It holds its leadership position in the business through innovation and constant market research in the field of lotteries.

Since its inception in the 1991, the favorite lottery has been increasing rapidly in the distribution of the Traditional Paper Lottery of various state governments. This has been possible because of the agency intelligence for competitive bidding, aggressive marketing and in many states of India, with a strong attitude towards growth.

The dear lottery was India first lottery company that was for the lottery distributed through the direct telecast of the draw on the TV operated by various governments. It has brought further confidence, credibility and transparency in the trade and the reputation of the company has increased manifold. The best schemes for favorite lottery players are known and committed to quality and skills, and the Indian lottery market has an outstanding performance, view -strong relationship and market presence.

The company’s growth is driven by a strong team of 1000 plus professionals working in various fields of lottery operation and marketing. The favorite lottery has invested enough in technology and has created a team of 50-Plus software engineers and technology professionals in its gaming technology department. This powerful and committed team has integrated and integrated the location of India as the number one lottery company in India.

DEAR Lottery belongs to Asia Pacific Lottery Game Association (APLA). Because 2001 precious Lottery has actually been a member of the World Lottery Game Association (WLA). In 2009, WLA had approved certification to beloved Lottery for meeting the standards for achieving the Degree 1 of the WLA Liable Pc Gaming Structure. The reputation and trust that the countless lottery game playing public reposed in DEAR Lottery game is unrivaled.

Dear Lottery Morning 1PM Draw Names


Dear Ganga Morning


Dear Teesta Morning


Dear Torsa Morning


Dear Padma Morning


Dear Hooghly Morning


Dear Kosai Morning


Dear Damodar Morning


Dear Lottery Evening 6PM Draw Names


Dear Sun Monday


Dear Moon Tuesday


Dear Mercury Wednesday


Dear Venus Thursday


Dear Earth Friday


Dear Mars Saturday


Dear Jupiter Sunday


Dear Lottery Night 8PM Draw Names


Dear Flamingo Evening


Dear Parrot Evening


Dear Eagle Evening


Dear Falcon Evening


Dear Vulture Evening


Dear Ostrich Evening


Dear Hawk Evening


Frequently Asked Questions : Dear Lottery

Q 1. Is lottery legal in India?

Ans : Lotteries are legal in 13 states in northern India, including Nagaland, Assam, Mizoram, Kerala, Meghalaya, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal and Sikkim. West Bengal consists of more players than any other state in India, as a result, West Bengal won the highest lottery Sambad Award.

Q 2. Which company operates and organizes the lottery?

Ans. The lottery of each state is run by the concerned government of the state like the Nagaland state, the lottery is run and organized by the director of the Nagaland State Lottery.

Q 3. Where can I buy the Nagaland State Lottery ticket?

Ans. Lottery tickets can be purchased offline by any local agent or online authorized retailers.

Q 4. Can I purchase Nagaland State Lottery Tickets online?

Ans. There are a few online vendors available you can buy Nagaland State Lottery tickets.

Q 5. Who is eligible to buy tickets for the Dear lottery?

Ans. Anyone who can take the lottery and play the Lottery Game on the Nagaland State Lottery will only be able to claim their reward if they have a valid state habitat then it is recommended that if you are not from the state of Nagaland you should not get the winning reward Take part in it.

Q 6. What are Nagaland Bumper dear lotteries?

Ans. In addition to the above mentioned lotteries, the Nagaland State Bumper Lotters run a few times a year: Dear Diwali, Kali Puja, Happy New Year, Winter Special, Lohari Makanti Bumper lottery, Rs. 1 crore Jackpot.

Q 7. When is the Nagaland State Lottery Morning Result Coming?
Ans. Nagaland State Lottery is played daily and this game is three times a day. The results of the Nagaland State Lottery morning game were published in the morning 1PM.

Q 8. What is the prize for First Winner in Sambad Lottery Result Today?
Ans. The first prize of playing lottery sambad is one crore (1 Core).

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